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Snow Removal in Decatur Indiana

Removing snow and ice quickly is a must for protecting your property and safety of others. As a snow and ice removal service provider, Monmouth Valley has the expertise to get your Industrial site or Association through Indiana’s daunting winters. Our fleet of trucks, snowplows, salters, and tractors means we can efficiently clear and size site, so you can keep your doors open and business running through the winter months. With the unpredictability that comes with winter weather, we offer monthly and per-push payment plans, customized for your site. This means that if it is a dryer than normal winter, you get money back for services that aren’t used!

Snow Plowing and Snow Relocation Services with a White Glove Touch

Once you consult with the team at Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping’s Snow & Ice Management, you’ll immediately feel the difference. With an exceedingly high level of commitment to snow removal and ice control that actually works in Decatur, Indiana and the surrounding suburbs, this group provides superior service consistently. Whether you’re seeking out zero-tolerance service or a calcium chloride application strategy, Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping can guide you through the woes of winter, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Customized Salting Solutions

Once you consult with Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping, you’ll notice that this team is different because each client is treated with custom care. You’ll work out a plan specialized for your location ahead of time, allowing Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping to swoop in when weather conditions demand it. You can also choose the level of salting that is preferred before winter even makes an appearance. Every day and in every way, Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping strives to make snow removal and ice management in Decatur, Indiana and the surrounding areas as simple and streamlined as possible.

Rare Resources and Talented Team Members

The Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping difference is that our group possesses the resources necessary to alleviate the effects of Mother Nature in the Decatur, Indiana area. We have the manpower and equipment needed to address ice control and other issues immediately, so you’ll feel safe and secure doing business with Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping. If you’re curious about how a calcium chloride or rock salt application will help as well as the differences between the two, just reach out and ask a team member. Our group realizes that different clients have different needs. For some, per-event billing is the way to go. For others, it makes more sense to go with a seasonal contract. If you’re curious about which option might fit your company’s needs best, you’ll want to give Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping a call and speak to an associate.

You Promised Yourself You’d Make Plans for the Winter

Last year, chances are that you promised yourself it would be the last time that you were caught unaware and unprepared. Keep that promise by calling Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping today. Once you start working out a plan for your ice control and snow plowing needs in the Decatur, Indiana area, you’ll feel better. With Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping, you’ll have a true partner that sets you up for success. From advanced weather reports to experienced shovel teams and route inspections that ensure you’re receiving extraordinary service every step of the way, Monmouth Lawn & Landscaping is devoted to making winter easier — one client at a time.

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Monmouth Valley provides salting at every job site to minimize the risk of ice and slippery conditions. The Deicer we use is not only highly effective, it keeps large spaces like parking lots, work sites, and parks clear.

Snow Plowing

Our in-house team of snow removal experts use state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to respond quickly, around the clock, based on changing weather conditions. Using GPS and Google Maps, our crews can more efficiently manage snow removal routes and alter their destination if necessary.

Zero Tolerance Service

Our 24/7 monitoring gives you peace of mind. We'll help keep your operations running smoothly with our fleet, dependable supplies, and fast service to respond when you need us.

Site Plans

With pre-site and post-site inspections, we tailor our estimates and our services to the specific needs of your property.

Sidewalk Shoveling

Monmouth Valley Lawn & Landscaping has multiple shovel teams which can take care of both private and public sidewalks, entrances, and stairwells when snowfall is over 1 inch depending on our customer’s needs.

Our Approach

Pay fair and accurate rates for average winters, and receive cash back for winters that are dryer than normal. Discounted service rates apply for snowier seasons.